Tan Lap Fish Sauce Enterprise

Thôn An Thạnh, Xã Xuân Thọ 2, Huyện Sông Cầu, Sông Cầu, Phú Yên, Việt Nam Thị trấn Hoà Hiệp Trung, Huyện Đông Hòa, Tỉnh Phú Yên


Ganh Do village in Tan Thanh village, Xuan Tho 2 commune, Song Cau district is famous for making fish sauce for many generations. Up to now, only 3 km long, there are 15 fish sauce factories. There are quite famous names like "Tan Lap Sauce", "Ms Muoi Fish Sauce", ... Owner of Tan Lap Fish Sauce Enterprise, but he has not branded himself, but in the past few years, he has been in charge of mobilizing the 14 remaining establishments in the village to build a common brand for the Red Ginseng fish sauce. and get the consent of other "owners". Whoever makes fish sauce in Red Reunion must also recognize, besides the know-how of each household, the ingredients contribute a lot to the characteristics of this fish sauce. Anchovies in the sea of ​​Tuy An, Cau River in the season, do not understand due to water or any other reason, has created a very personal taste when brewed.